Explore Services Offered by Contractor Supply Store in San Francisco, CA

A contractor supply store features various goods and equipment for contractors of all types. Buying building equipment from a contractor supply store comes with conveniences such as local delivery, quick and easy installation, and economical prices. Here are a few services offered by the contractor supply store in San Francisco, CA.

Credit & Billing Support

Contractors must be able to purchase and utilize the tools needed. If a contractor encounters financial difficulties and needs help, they can count on contractor supply store in Oakland, CA. The store offers customers credit and billing support through a 30-day credit account or up to a 24-month installment account. The accounts feature competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

Windows & Doors Field Service

The contractor supply store in Oakland, CA offers an array of services to contractors. The store has field personnel to offer customer service and support in installing doors and windows. The factory-trained technicians provide quality assistance for projects of all sizes.

Green Building

The contractor supply store in San Francisco, CA is a green building resource for customers to ensure that their projects are eco-friendly. The store sponsors professional training on green building, a specialized education on environmentally friendly design and construction practices. The staff can guide on green building concepts, resources, and materials.

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