Find A Spiritual Home In A Contemporary Church In Jacksonville

by | May 21, 2020 | Religion

The population of the United States includes a large number of people who identify themselves as Christian, but who don’t actually belong to any particular faith community. The reason for this is often that they tried to find a church that felt like it could be a spiritual home for them, but only felt like they were talking into something stiff, overly formal, disconnected from daily life, and generally out-of-step with what they needed in a community. If this describes you and your experiences, you should take a chance and try out a contemporary church in Jacksonville to see if it is a better fit for your spiritual needs.

In a contemporary church, you can find a community that addresses the concerns and experiences that are a part of your daily life. While God’s word is eternal, people living in the modern era need guidance and support in how to deal with things like the material that comes at them through television and other media sources every day. They can benefit from discussions about how you can express your faith through the way you treat others on social media sites. There are entire categories of experience that never happened just a few decades ago, and the faithful need to work together to figure out how they can benefit from the possibilities offered by modern technology without overlooking their commitment to their faith.

A contemporary church is also an excellent place to find an environment that will be more appealing to children. These gatherings tend to be less formal and reserved than those at traditional churches, which means that they are also a space in which most children feel more comfortable. This makes learning about God a much more positive experience, and also makes it easier for kids to feel like they are welcome to express their own thoughts and questions on issues of faith.

If you feel like traditional churches just don’t fit with your experience of God, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of having a faith community in your life. You may just find that going to Southpoint Community Church feels like arriving at your spiritual home.

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