Important Information Regarding the South Carolina Lifeline Program

Phone bills, both home and cellular, can be the straw that breaks the financial camel’s back. For many, a little help with the phone bill could aid in averting a domino effect of financial mishaps. Fortunately, there’s help. The South Carolina Lifeline Program was established to help low-resource individuals and families with their phone bills. Keep reading to see if this program can help you.

Ins and Outs of The Lifeline Program

The explicit purpose of the Lifeline Program in South Carolina is to help guarantee that all citizens have access to and the use of uninterrupted phone services. It is a program that is a part of the Federal and State Universal Service Fund and is not specific to the state of South Carolina. Participants in the program who have landlines with receive a $9.25 discount off their monthly bill. For cellphone users, the program guarantees a minimum of 500 minutes of use monthly. There are also provisions for broadband. However, only one service may be discounted per household.

Program Eligibility

As stated, the Lifeline Program is for low-resource individuals needing help with a phone bill. Essentially, you are eligible if you are on one of a number of government-aid programs, including Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, Section 8, Veteran’s Pension & Survivor’s Benefits, or tribal specific programs. You can also be eligible if your income is at or below 135% of federal poverty guidelines and your household size is appropriate.

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