Important Things To Know About Stainless Steel Wing Seals in Roslyn, NY

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Business

Many different types of tools and hardware pieces are used in industrial settings. One of the most common pieces you’ll find are stainless steel wing seals. These small, but important, hardware parts are the key to fastening steel bands. Learn more about why stainless steel wing seals are the go-to choice for fastening.

The Workings of Wing Seals

Steel bands have always presented an installation problem due to their unique shape. Thus, wing seals were created to provide an easy way to keep steel banding in place. These wing-shaped seals have a buckle that helps keep the straps tight. The ends of these seals can then be hammered to form a tight seal. Overall, the entire structure of these seals works like an extremely strong buckle around a belt. Due to this, wing seals are the perfect fit for a number of different projects.

Why Stainless Steel is Ideal

If you are going to be using wing seals, make sure to choose those made out of stainless steel. This material provides a number of different benefits for this type of hardware. For one, it can resist corrosion a lot better than other metals. It is also a lot more stronger and reliable. Finally, stainless steel wing seals are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. In general, most stainless steel seals are created with light-duty use in mind. Be sure to purchase the correct gauge for your application.

Some Related Issues

Steel wing seals are versatile and suited for a wide variety of jobs. However, there are some scenarios in which they will not be suitable. Remember that these are light-duty items that will only work with certain components.

Making the Most of Wing Seals

Steel wing seals are the best thing to use when fastening light gauge banding. Some models can even handle double bands. Research the options thoroughly to find the fasteners you need.

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