What is Electrodeionization and Why Is It So Popular?

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Water Treatment Supplier

There are numerous ways that a water treatment facility can purify its water, but many of them use hazardous chemicals during its process. Electrodeionization, or EDI, is a different type of treatment that purifies the water even better without using any harsh chemicals. Instead, EDI uses a polymer resin that essentially regenerates using an electrical current. This means contaminants are removed continuously, even if the concentrations are at their highest. It produces water that is healthier and tastes good, so you can feel good about customers drinking it.

Often Used in Commercial Applications

When your industry needs high-quality water output, electrodeionization technology can be the right answer. Some of the industries using EDI-generated water include power plants, manufacturers of electronic products, laboratories, and even pharmaceutical manufacturers. There are lots of reasons to use EDI in order to get great water, and keep in mind the water is much safer to drink regardless of where you live or whether you’re an individual or a business-owner. Even better, EDI offers options for various systems, from under 50 GPM to over 2,000 GPM.

The Treatment Options are Important

While there are many water treatment processes that work, the one using electrodeionization or EDI is definitely gaining in popularity. The more you research the facts about EDI, the more you’ll likely become convinced that this is the best treatment process out there. You can research it online to learn more about it, and you can also contact one of the companies that offer the EDI equipment if you have additional questions.

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