What to Know About CCTV Security Systems in Central Point, OR

One of the best ways for businesses to gain full visibility of their buildings at all times is with CCTV security systems in Central Point, OR. These systems use cutting-edge video technology with no pixelated or blurry images. The camera industry is evolving rapidly, which leads to improved cameras with better pixel density, better frame rates, and low-light capability.

Why Use CCTV Security?

Businesses turn to CCTV security systems in Central Point, OR to deter and prevent theft, sabotage, and vandalism. These crimes occur more frequently today, and having access to camera footage provides the information necessary to reconstruct the situation and catch the criminals who perpetrate the crimes. Without video coverage, evidence is harder to gather.

In addition, businesses use CCTV security to review internal incidents. This assists them in lawsuits and worker’s comp claims that threaten the business. If witness testimonies are in conflict, the footage can answer questions and help businesses get to the truth. This footage offers indisputable evidence of exactly what occurred. Finally, the video feed can be viewed from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


People use CCTV security systems in Central Point, OR anywhere. They can be used on the interior of a business, as well as around the perimeter of a building. They offer fisheye views, panoramic views, and a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) option. These cameras can be concealed and installed in hazardous environments, and they offer thermal imaging and detect elevated temperatures. Businesses use them to count people and detect flames or smoke, and they can be used for license plate recognition.

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