2 Signs That Indicate Your Forklift’s Battery Will Need to Be Replaced ASAP

Have you been using your forklift for many years and are beginning to experience inconsistencies when starting your machinery? Have you been checking several components but have not found the root cause of the issue? Are you now concerned that you will need forklift repair services but are concerned about the time it will take to complete, risking losing clients? If yes, then here are two signs that indicate your forklift’s battery may need to be replaced.

A Rotten Smell

One sign that may indicate that your battery requires a replacement is that a foul odor that resembles a rotten egg smell is apparent when attempting to start your forklift. If you are experiencing this, then the battery is overheating.

Spilled Acid

Another sign that indicates your forklift’s battery may need to be replaced as soon as possible is the appearance of spilled acid on the exterior area of your forklift. As mentioned, a foul rotten egg odor indicates the battery is overheating. This means the battery’s internal liquid components have leaked out of the battery’s casing as a result.

Where to Buy a New Battery

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