3 Nourishing Salon Treatments to Improve Damaged Hair in St. Johns, FL

Between sun exposure, heating tools, and environmental pollution, your hair is constantly taking small hits of damage daily. Over time, this can result in locks that are dull, frizzy, dry, and prone to breakage. Fortunately, contemporary salons offer a variety of hair treatments to address damaged hair. Here are three hair treatments in St Johns, FL, that can help restore your hair to its healthy, original state.

Nourishing Salon Treatments to Improve Damaged Hair

1. Keratin Treatments

Keratin is a protein found in the hair shaft. It becomes depleted over time as the hair accumulates damage, resulting in porous, frizzy hair. To combat this, your stylist may recommend a keratin treatment, which entails applying a keratin-rich solution to the hair and setting it with heat. The result is hair that is noticeably smoother, glossier, and less likely to tangle. With proper care, the results of a keratin treatment can last for as long as six months.

2. Scalp Detox

Just like the skin on the face, the scalp needs regular nourishment and exfoliation to stay healthy. Without adequate care, product buildup can occur, which leads to dandruff, dryness, and itching. An in-salon scalp detox usually starts with a special steaming treatment, followed by a gentle scrub and moisturizing mask.

3. Deep Conditioning Treatment

Unlike an at-home conditioner, a deep conditioning treatment from a salon uses intense heat to open up the hair shaft, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeper and provide more dramatic results. It’s ideal for restoring the moisture balance of the hair after prolonged sun exposure, during the dry winter season, or before an important event.

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