Drop-In Vs. Spray-In Truck Bed Liners: Their Pros and Cons

A bed liner is one of the best accessories for your new pickup truck if you just bought it. Truck bed liners protect the underside of your truck bed from dings, scratches, and other long-term damage. Customers often choose between two options: spray-in or drop-in bed liner. Making this decision needs you to be well informed about their features and how they function. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, as explained below.

Drop-in Bed Liner


A drop-in bed liner is an excellent option for keeping the truck bed in good condition. It is possible to complete the task without the assistance of a professional. Experts can bold drop-in liners to the truck with no drilling required. Because of the ease of installation, the bed liner is easily replaceable.


If you spend time with truck enthusiasts, you’ll hear drop-in truck bed liners  that are less rugged than spray-in bed liners. Water can easily become trapped between the steel and plastic in your bed. If you snag the edge of the liner while moving things around, you may end up pulling some of it up. This becomes nearly impossible to repair, and it will be easier to buy a new liner at that point.

Spray-in Bed Liner


A spray-in truck bed liner fits in with the rest of your truck’s cosmetics. The bed liner can also be together with other parts of the truck’s exterior, assuring these parts have protection from any scrapes and dings. In addition, some materials do an excellent job of assuring that any toolboxes or other equipment don’t slide around your truck bed.


Professional installation of a spray-in bed liner for your pickup truck requires extensive modifications. There are companies, even in Long Branch, that specialize in this outstanding exterior overhaul, and you want to zero in on their expertise as you’re looking to install the accessory. However, even one small mistake can significantly impact your ride, so opt for professional installation.

The choice is yours, but the answer is obvious for truck owners looking for a long-term and dependable solution. Regardless of which type of truck bed liner Long Branch you choose, you will undoubtedly appreciate all the benefits of this particular accessory. Remember that there are several factors to consider, the team of John Guire Supply will help you in selecting the best liner for your truck, including removability, longevity, and ease of cleaning.

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