How to Find Churches in Jacksonville, Florida That Feel Like Home

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Religion

While there are plenty of churches in Jacksonville, finding the right church isn’t always an easy task. People who are new to the community or residents looking to make a change should ask themselves the following questions when finding a new worship community.

What’s the Denomination?

Some people are looking for Christian denominations such as Baptist, Catholic, and Presbyterian churches. Others are interested in nondenominational, interdenominational, or community churches. It’s important to make certain the denomination aligns with one’s interest. Of course, if one is unsure of what faith community they align with, it’s a great idea to explore a variety of churches.

How Does One Want to Serve?

Some worshipers use churches as a vessel to get closer to a higher power through weekly prayer and church services. They don’t need anything more. Other churchgoers want a more involved relationship with the church they intend and want many options to serve. In situations like this, people will want to learn more about stewardship and church programs seeking volunteers and committee members.

How Big or Small Is the Church?

Size matters when choosing a worship community. Some people prefer a large mega-church-like community while others prefer a small, intimate setting. There’s no right or wrong, only personal preference. A church that doesn’t meet one’s size requirements will end up feeling ill-suited and make it harder to feel at home.

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