Making A Difference: Ecotech And Dr. Pandwe Gibson

Today, more and more consumers and business owners are focusing on making the planet a better place to live. This can be in moving to technology for production and services or learning new ways of manufacturing products that are sustaining and providing a more environmentally friendly process.
In Miami, at the heart of this movement for growing green businesses is an influential businesswoman. Ecotech, Dr. Pandwe Gibson’s innovative new incubator, is also a maker space, a community center, and a place for underserved members of the community to acquire relevant job skills.

A True Green Focus

Unlike other incubators, EcoTech Visions focuses exclusively on green business and green technology. This focus allows the 25,000 facilities to offer the services and the support these businesses require. From a prototyping lab and collaborative workspace to business resources and even light manufacturing, it is a membership-based opportunity, any small business in the green industry can use.

Through Ecotech, Dr. Pandwe Gibson has brought her vision for the Miami Green Corridor to life. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a place to operate from while growing their business and developing their marketing and sales.

Currently, EcoTech Visions has assisted over 75 green businesses in the community to grow from small “Mom and Pop” types of companies to mid-sized businesses. It is also an excellent starting point for entrepreneurs, and with the coaching, training, and resources, EcoTech Visions becomes a vital community service catering to these businesses.

With a Ph.D., M.A, M.Ed, and MBA, Dr. Pandwe Gibson has the business experience and the passion for the planet as well as for creating new businesses in the Miami area. Supporting local businesses and the community as a whole, EcoTech Visions is making a notable difference in Miami and the surrounding areas.

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