Politics in America: How to Ensure That You’re Getting Accurate News

As the political world grows increasingly polarized, more and more people are wondering how to consume the news in a way that’s fair, balanced, and accurate. While there’s no magic trick to making it happen, here are a few tips for doing your best.

Look for the Agenda

The sad truth is that many news outlets today have an agenda. They might support a particular political party, or they might be funded behind the scenes by lobbying groups that influence their message. Before you believe a news story, ask yourself, “Who benefits from my engagement here?” Follow the trail until you reach whoever is behind the curtain.

Avoid Clickbait

Some media outlets don’t have an agenda at all. They just want to drive traffic to their website and reap the revenue that comes from fresh clicks. They don’t care about impartiality, media bias checks, or anything or the sort. In fact, the angrier that they can make you, the more money that they can earn.

Use a Bias Checker

Some organizations are trying to combat the misinformation that they see in the media. They might use media bias checks on news articles, or they might rank and sort news outlets on a scale of “liberal” or “conservative.” These third-party sources can be invaluable to reading the news with a more informed perspective.

These are just a few ways to be smarter and choosier about the media that you consume. If you’re interested in learning more, check out a site like Biasly at Biasly.com.

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