Proper Etiquette for a Funeral Vehicle Procession in Eastlake, OH

Funeral directors provide compassionate service to bereaved families. Directors of local funeral homes in Eastlake, OH want service attendees to understand proper etiquette during the procession to a cemetery or mausoleum after the service. This is when the hearse driver guides followers to the destination. Drivers following the hearse and those in other vehicles should know appropriate responses to certain situations.

No Requirement to Participate

It should be noted that attendees are not required to join the procession from Monreal Funeral Home in Lake County. The closest relatives go, and they appreciate the support of others who come along. They realize not everyone will do so.

If lunch or dinner will be provided at the church or one of the local funeral homes in Eastlake, OH, people not inclined to participate in the procession can stay there in the meantime. It’s also acceptable to leave after the service. If they haven’t had a chance to express their sympathy to the immediate family yet, they can do so before leaving.

Headlights and Vehicle Markers

During the procession from Monreal Funeral Home in Lake County, headlights should be turned on. This alerts other drivers that these automobiles are traveling together and likely following a hearse. Typically, the funeral home provides a flag or other marker for each vehicle. This is another signal that the group is traveling together. Other drivers know they should not interrupt or enter the line of automobiles.

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