Rashers: The Tastiest and Most Versatile Way to Have Your Bacon

Bacon comes in so many different forms – rashers, medallions, steaks, and more – that, while it is a nearly universally beloved food, it can be a bit of a confusing one at the same time. When most people think of bacon, though, what they’re thinking of are rashers, or those long thin slices that are cut from the loin of the pig. Because the meat in the pig’s loin is so much leaner than that of other regions, rashers are a filling and satisfying food that works great in a wide variety of recipes.

A World of Ways to Enjoy Your Rashers

The real testament to the versatility of rashers is just how many different ways there are to enjoy them. For instance, they’re an essential component of a proper Irish breakfast, which often combines bacon with sausage, beans, fried eggs, certain kinds of sauteed vegetables such as tomatoes or mushrooms, and even blood pudding!

If you’re looking for something a little simpler that will make for a satisfying meal on a rainy night, many people like to fry up some rashers and serve along with a roasted vegetable such as asparagus or brussels sprouts. Give the veggies a drizzling of olive oil, along with a pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic before roasting, and then toss with chopped bacon afterwards for a hearty treat.

Rashers From Your Butcher

However you decide to enjoy them, it is vitally important that you source your rashers from a qualified butcher. While you can find them in most any supermarket, you’ll often end up with unevenly sliced rashers that cook in an unbalanced way, or worse, they may be full of preservatives that can affect the flavour and also be unhealthy. Sourcing your rashers from a butcher will ensure that you get the best possible cut each and every time, whether you’re cooking up a proper breakfast for the whole family or enjoying a quick dinner for one.

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