Stay Safe While Exploring Maui Waters With Your Scuba Gear

Entering ocean water to explore the animals and plants that it offers can often be a relaxing experience. When you go on a Maui scuba diving adventure, you never really know what you’re going to see as the environment can quickly change from one day to another. While you’re in the water, there are some steps that you can take so that you’re safe and so that you communicate with others who are diving.


Learn to trust the feelings that you have when you enter the water. If you are unsure of the depths that you’re swimming in or feel that there could be danger in the water, then you shouldn’t take a chance diving.

Know Your Numbers

After each dive, make notes of the details pertaining to the depth of water and the weight of your gear. You should also make notes about your oxygen levels and how long your oxygen supply lasted as these details can help you make plans for future dives.

Stay Focused

When you’re in the water, you want to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pay attention to moving shadows while looking behind rocks and plants for things that might be hiding. If you have trouble on your Maui scuba diving adventure going deeper in the water, then try to relax and focus on something that is below you. As your body and mind relax, then you’ll usually begin to sink lower in the water until you reach your desired point. Make sure you have enough oxygen to get back to the surface before going deeper in the dive.

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