The Advantages Of Using Time Sheet Software

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Software

Time sheets are a standard way for a business to not only track employee work hours, but to also evaluate performance, create bills for customers, and evaluate the various processes for efficiency.

The Problem with Manual Timesheets

In the not too distant past, companies used manual time sheets. These entries were done by hand, often by the manager or supervisor, or directly by the employee. However, this is a time consuming method of tracking. It was also a source of a lot of errors if data was incorrectly entered, duplicated, or if it was missed or a time sheet was lost or misplaced.

Today, businesses can use time sheet software to track all the same issues and eliminate the problems. There are several advantages to using this type of software, including the following key considerations:

  • Payroll software integration – new options in time sheet software integrate directly into payroll processing software. This means data is only entered once and it is automatically transferred to make the necessary payroll calculations.
  • Improved efficiency – knowing how much time is spent on each process or task is one of the advantages of time sheet software. Managers can set performance goals or track individual employee performance with ease.
  • Decision making – making decisions on staffing, processes, cost-efficiency, and a range of other issues is easier when data is available in real-time through the software.
  • Project management tool – project managers can evaluate tasks completed, timeline adjustment, and quickly see where projects are by comparing data from the software to benchmarks or goals.

This software can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business across all industries.

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