Tips for Making the Most of Shared Workspaces in New York

You might have heard of shared workspaces, but you may not know what they are or why you might want to use them. Shared workspaces in New York are places where small businesses and freelancers can rent out office space for a fraction of what it would cost to own an entire office building or floor. They’re beneficial for start-ups and small businesses that don’t have much money but can also benefit experienced companies.

Book Ahead

The first step to making the most of shared workspaces in New York is booking in advance. We’ve all been there: you’re looking for a workspace in your area, and you find one that looks like it could be perfect, but when you try to book it, there are no slots left during your preferred times.

Check the Amenities

Before committing to a shared workspace, ensure they have the necessary amenities. If it’s essential to be close to public transportation, that should be one of the first things on your list when choosing an office space with shared services.

Make sure they have the right equipment and technology. You might not realize how important it is for your office space to have a copy machine until it isn’t there when you need it, or maybe an Internet connection is crucial for your company, but their Internet speeds are too slow for your needs.

Work with Others in Mind

In a shared workspace, you are among many others trying to do their jobs. That means that your actions and behaviors impact the space and its occupants. If you’re not careful, your seemingly inconsequential habits can make others uncomfortable or unwelcome. You can work with others in mind by following these guidelines:

  • Keep noise to a minimum—both in volume level and frequency
  • Don’t eat smelly food at your desk
  • Treat common areas with care by keeping them tidy and clean

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