What to Know About a Grants Management System

One of the most important tasks of organizations is managing the grants that they offer. A grants management system makes it easy to create and receive applications and track them throughout the approval process. Data is automatically saved, and all files associated with each applicant can be stored in a single file. This platform allows organizations to manage their grant programs from start to finish.

What It Does

There are many features that make a grants management system beneficial to any organization. It allows them to create customizable applications, and it simplifies the review process. In addition, it comes with powerful administrative tools and user-friendly features. The pricing is simple, and the platform offers responsive customer service. This type of process increases the capacity to review applications, saves resources, and reduces the need to make photocopies, and there is no concern for lost attachments or files. It is instantly accessible 24 hours a day, and it allows organizations to shift resources from administration to more important programs.

The Process

The process of using a grants management system is easy. Organizations can customize applications and include pre-screening features, budgets, document attachments, and questions. Once applicants submit applications, reviewers can instantly review them and score them. They can recommend funding decisions, and then administrators can finalize the decisions. They can also keep track of the workflows of the reviewers and communicate with applicants. Once funding is awarded, recipients can submit post-funding reports and everything can be linked to the original applications.

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