Why Every Hound Should Be Walked Daily and How a NYC Dog Walker Can Help

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Pet Services

There are two types of dog owners. There are those that walk their furry friends and those that don’t. The latter of the two are making a damaging mistake. Here are three reasons why it is detrimental to skip out on this sacred time and how a dog walker can be of service.

It Keeps Them Out of Touch With Their Natural Habitat

Even house hounds have an undying connection with the outside world. They have the innate desire to sniff the natural aromas of the outdoors, explore the great beyond, connect with other canines, and mark what is thought to be their own territory. A dog walker in NYC understands vital needs and allows each dog the freedom to act on them on a daily basis.

It Leads to a Decline in Physical Health

Just like humans, canines need regular exercise to maintain their physical wellbeing. Regular walks aid in fighting off obesity and other health issues stemming from sedentary lifestyles.
It Makes Them Unhappy

Staying indoors or within a confined area all day is mere torture and will inevitably lead to lowered mental and emotional health. Dog walkers in NYC take pleasure in initiating these routine strolls to fight off boredom while increasing their quality of life.

Not everyone has the time or energy to give their furry friends the attention that they deserve; however, the dog lovers at New York Tails are here to deliver on each dog’s unique requirements, helping to provide the best days of their lives.

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