2 Types Of Kershaw Knives You Should Acquire And Should Not Be Without

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Business

Pocket knives have always been a popular self-defense weapon both for discreet and effective protection. Utilized in combat for centuries, the earliest known pocketknives were said to be invented around 600 to 500 BCE. The Vikings and the Romans were two ancient civilizations that routinely used pocketknives. Today, pocketknives remain popular, and with good reason. They offer versatility and unmatched performance. Here are 2 types of Kershaw knives you should not be without.

Auto Launch 10

Nicknamed “the claw,” the Auto Launch 10 is one of the most popular knives produced by Kershaw. It sports a hawkbell-style blade made from CMP 154 steel, offering unsurpassed toughness and corrosion-resistant properties. The main feature of this particular knife is its push-button feature, allowing you to deploy the blade quickly and efficiently.

Auto Launch 8

The Auto Launch 8 takes the classic Italian stiletto knife to new heights. Its new design features a push-button, a push-button lock release, and is made from CMP 154 steel. This means the Launch 8 is built with style, performance, and durability in mind.

Top-Quality Knives

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