Don’t Face The Next Storm Without A Generator

Those who live in areas serviced by the latest hurricane feel us when we say we wish we had thought of contacting a generac generators sale Chicago before a major storm hit. The baby’s milk wouldn’t spoil, grandma’s insulin would still be useful, and the x amount of groceries we bought wouldn’t have had to be tossed.

It Isn’t Just About Power

The loss of the groceries are nothing beside the family member on oxygen, or the family member needing an asthma breathing treatment. When the power is gone due to the effects of a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster, an ambulance is the only alternative. That is, if the phone is charged enough to call 911. Generators can and do save lives.

Have You Thought About A Backup Generator?

Sometimes called whole-house generators, these kick in when the electricity kicks off. Run on gas, these generators keep the fridge, stove, water heater, washer and dryer, and dishwasher going until the power returns to its regularly scheduled house. Okay, you have to pay a separate gas bill. Is it worth it to keep food from spoiling and medicines/machines at the ready?

Generators Keep Your Home Security Alarms Going

Some folks take advantage of even bad things such as home intruders just waiting for a good storm. Blackouts mean their job is easier, quicker, and more lucrative. While you’re at work and the kids are at school, they just break a window or jimmy the door, walk right in, take the best stuff, and just walk right out. Don’t wait; find a generac generators sale Chicago before the next storm happens.

Penco Electrical Contractors know all about generators and for what they are used. Repair, maintenance, and other electrical needs are what Penco lives for.

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