An Innovative Company: First Alert

First Alert is your source for the latest Battery Operated Co2 Detectors, smoke and fire alarms, as well as, fire extinguishers. It is extremely important to make sure these vital pieces of equipment are kept up-to-date in your home. Always ensure each unit hanging on your wall is in good working condition and alarms contain fresh batteries. It can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Today there are many choices in which types of products to buy to keep your family safe, and First Alert is here to assist you in making these wise investments. Beginning in 1976, the company celebrated their first year in business wherein they sold two styles of hard-wired alarms, with one having a battery back-up. In 1993, the first Battery Operated Co2 Detector was introduced. First Alert has made incredible strides since those first days in business.

As technology has advanced within the last 50 years, even more innovative designs in smoke, fire, and CO alarms have been invented. The basic battery operated detectors are still available for a low cost option; however, now there are also complete systems that are integrated into the WIFI system in your home and programmed to correspond with you via cell phone notifications. These incredible smart home alarm units have Alexa built in and can be used through the Onelink Surround Wi-Fi also available from First Alert. Thus, making it possible to place calls, listen to music, and hear voice alerts when potential safety issues are a concern.

Dedication to public safety is the driving force behind this company. First Alert has earned their customers’ trust, because they provide high quality products that can last a lifetime. Contact the company with any questions or concerns you may have regarding their merchandise, or visit their website at

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