Loss Prevention Security Services for Your Retail Store or Commercial Space

Maintaining a Presence

Petty theft of inventory from retail locations is one of the most common occurrences of crime in the general public. Thieves have developed ingenious and clever ways to disguise stealing, and many of them just walk out the door in broad daylight. This is why many stores have chosen to prohibit large bags, and some places even prohibit strollers. Cutting down on theft from your retail store or in your commercial space is important to maintaining a good reputation and attracting customers to come shop and also return for a future visit. In many cases, just the presence of loss prevention security services is enough to deter would-be thieves from attempting to steal in the first place.

Professional Security Services

Not only do you have to hire security personnel, but you want to make sure that you contract with the correct specialist who can meet your staffing needs. Security guards who provide an imposing presence can be met with more seriousness than young high school graduates who stand unsure of themselves. Professionals trained in loss prevention security services know what to keep an eye out for when on the job. They know what types of suspicious behaviors to be wary of, and also are trained in various non-violent and non-physical ways of confrontation before needing to escalate. Preventing a physical altercation from erupting is an important hallmark of a professional security provider.

Choosing Your Security Provider

As you interview potential providers, you want to ask thorough questions about training, recruiting and support services. If your company has internal policies regarding loss prevention, you’ll want to make sure that any potential contractors and vendors can comply with and match these procedures. Make sure that any service you hire offers comprehensive training to their employees before placing them in your retail space. Local security providers often recruit veterans who have previous training in handling altercations. Private security firms can also offer customized solutions based on your particular need.

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