Enthusiastic OTF Pocket Knife Collectors Rediscover Microtech Brand

When it comes to the world of OTF pocket knife collecting, Microtech automatic knives are nothing new. They first came around in 1994, having been founded by a group of smiths who boldly claimed they were on a mission to make the best blades possible. Since that time, their OTF pocket knife designs have become among the most famous in the cutlery space.

Nevertheless, it seems that collectors are now rediscovering Microtech due to the fact that they have brought over 2,000 different blades to the market. While some of these are traditional folders and others are fixed blades, it’s certainly Microtech automatic knives that are attracting the most attention.

Each of their knives are engineered to the closest possible machining tolerances, which makes them an attractive choice for those who are already going out of their way to find an extremely professional blade. Tactical and combat blade collectors have found that they’re useful as well as physically attractive.

Few people would ever think of using an extremely decorative knife to actually cut something, but Microtech blades really should hold their edge. Collectors have sometimes found that it takes a little while to get just the right amount of sharpness on the steel Microtech uses, but once they do it takes a long time to dull out. Best of all, the stainless steel blades won’t start to carry corrosion even if they have seen a fair amount of use over time.

To learn more about the Microtech brand’s current offerings, visit vipertecknives.com online.

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