Out-the-Front Automatic Blades Are Easier to Open in the Tightest Spaces

Think about the last time someone had to open a folding blade in a tight corner wherever you work. Chances are that they struggled quite a bit before they ever got the blade out. There’s even a good possibility that they had to stop what they were doing and use both of their hands to make sure that their blade opened fully before they went back to their original chore.

Since this process is usually rather laborious and can be quite annoying in many circumstances, an increasingly large percentage of technicians and other craftspeople have instead turned to professionally-made OTF automatic knives that feature all of the advantages of fixed blade knives while still folding up. These collapse into their handles instead of folding into the side of them, which means users can readily open them merely by moving the piece forward instead of trying to pull on the blade itself. That’s excellent news for anyone who finds themselves struggling to open a knife in a tight situation.

As a result, OTF automatic knives have become as popular at workbenches as they have with people who have to tackle certain tasks directly on a job site. Information technology staff and others who have intricate jobs are turning to them, and they’re still quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts who want to carry a blade that they can use whenever they enjoy their favorite recreational activities.

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