Guide to the Right Stash Jar

The choice of the best storage area is as essential as the choice of quality stash. The reason? The storage area contributes to your stash’s shelf life and helps preserve its original flavor and taste. Now, if you have found yourself disposing of spoilt stash, the chances are that it had come into contact with moisture, air, or light, the results of a wrong stash jar. To keep this from recurring, you need a guide to a suitable stash jar. So the next time you go searching for a stash jar, consider the following;

Go for a glass jar

Stash jars are made of different materials. Some from plastic while others from glass. It helps if you always go for a glass stash jar because glass helps keep moisture out as it is non-porous and impermeable, therefore, protecting your stash from developing mold. This feature also helps to preserve your original stash flavor. What’s more, glass is recyclable, therefore, eco-friendly. Plastics often sweat, releasing moisture to the stash, making it unfit for your consumption.

An airtight stash jar

Air is an enemy to your weed. This is because excess air may cause it to degrade. Therefore, ensure that you buy an airtight jar, preferably with a lid embedded with a rubber closure to keep as much air out as possible. Additionally, ensure that the cap is the right size to give no room for air entry.Once you purchase your jar, remember to watch out for cracks. This way, you know your stash is air-free for as long as possible.

Purchase an opaque stash jar

There are many reasons why an opaque stash jar is ideal. For starters, it helps to maintain privacy. No one needs to know the contents of your pot. Secondly, an opaque stash jar protects your stash from exposure to light. Light may cause the essential cannabis chemicals to deteriorate; therefore, you may fail to achieve the desired stash effect. You could go for a jar made with amber glass. 

You do not have to waste cash in purchasing low-quality stash jars. Use this guide and say hello to a durable pot. Alternatively, contact us.

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