Off To A Good Start: Jeffersontown Child Care First Day Tips

Starting school or childcare is a major transition for your young kids. Change in any form, whether positive or negative, is quite stressful. In a majority of cases, this is usually the first time the child is going to be away from the security of the loving arms of your family. Both parents and child experience some form of anxiety when it comes to this new experience. However, there are certain specific measures that, as a parent, you can take to see your child’s first Jeffersontown Child Care days are happy ones.

Identify with your own feelings

Young as he or she may be, your child will notice your attitude and emotional state. If you happen to be apprehensive about the program or school or even how your kid will be able to adjust, you are subconsciously conveying this message to your little one. Make it a habit to talk about this experience with your child and portray it as an exciting and positive thing. Do not apologize to your child for sending them off to school or enrolling him or her in a program.

Your child’s temperament is important

The person who knows the most about your child is you. With your knowledge about his or her temperament and personality, you will find a way of approaching this new change. If the child is slow to warm up or shy, you might require putting in more time to introduce her to new people and environments.

Advance preparation is key

Your child is likely to be less anxious if he has an idea of what to expect as well as being already familiar with the teachers and program. When you plan for a tour of the school, make sure you include your child to help them explore the new environment. A few days before the big day, establish a routine by altering morning rituals and bedtime. Do test runs of how your child with get to the new school, and they will be quite helpful in alleviating anxiety.

At A to Z Learning Center and Child Care, you can be assured that your child’s first Jeffersontown Child Care day will be an exciting and positive part of his or her life. However, it is important to remember to say good-bye and leave. Continuous extension of the separation will only add to your child’s anxiety making the separation even harder.

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