Remember To Look For Qualified Teachers When Choosing Jeffersontown Child Care

When searching for Jeffersontown Child Care for your child, one of the most important aspects of that childcare center is the teachers who will be taking care of your child. You do not want just anyone taking care of your child. You want someone who is qualified and trained in early childhood development to be taking care of your child. When researching childcare centers, it is important to find out teacher qualification and teacher communication methods.

Teacher Qualification

When looking at Jeffersontown Child Care, be sure to ask the childcare director how their teachers are certified. You want you child taught by teachers who are Kentucky certified. That means that they are qualified by the state of Kentucky to teach early childhood education. They are trained in early childhood development levels and know how to guide your child’s development.

Teacher Communication

When touring Jeffersontown Child Care facilities, be sure to ask the director how the teachers communicate with you on a regular basis. Since your child will spend a significant amount of time at their childcare facility, it is important that the childcare facility has an established way of communicating with you.

If your child is an infant or toddler, ask the director if they provide daily communication. A seller childcare facility will provide you with daily communication that lets you know about your babies feeding, diaper changes, naps and activities. This will help you work with your childcare center to keep your babies schedule consistent and to track any changes in your child’s habits.

If your child is in pre-school or pre-k, it is important that you receive information about what your child is doing on a weekly basis. Ask the director if a weekly newsletter is sent home so you know what activities your child is doing during the day and what they are learning. For more information visit A to Z Learning Center and Child Care.

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