Reasons Why a Capping Machine Can Make Business a Little Easier

Think about all the bottles around your home right now, holding everything from soft drinks to condiments to prescription medications. You’ll probably find more than a dozen types of bottles containing various substances in your refrigerator, cabinets, and medicine chest.

The popularity of bottled products has created the need for a system that can keep sales high and reduce employee burnout at companies that do the bottling. If you run a small business and are facing increased demand for your bottled products, it might be a wise investment to purchase a machine that does the work of capping the bottles for you.

Product Meets Need

There are several types of bottle capping machines. The best one for you depends on the functions you need it to perform. Labs and pharmaceutical companies could benefit from bench-top equipment that doesn’t take up too much room and is adjustable to arm- and eye-level settings for ease of use. You also might consider an automatic machine versus a handheld one. Handheld capping machines, which evolved to employ simple, user-friendly designs, are becoming increasingly popular. Automatic capping machines are usually adjustable to accommodate a range of container openings. What’s more, their drive motors deliver a speed unmatched by that of manual processing.

Benefits of Automation

Here’s what you can expect when using automated capping machines:

  • Maximizing efficiency: Companies not only save on human labor costs, but they can expect more efficiency as well. These machines require less manpower and reduce the potential for error, thanks to their standardized operation.
  • Increasing production: Anyone who has been on a wine or beer tour and learned the importance of bottling understands how production increases using a machine to cap bottles. This helps to avoid delays at times of peak demand.
  • Saving time: Those who run family-owned companies and other small businesses spend many hours managing production. Imagine the time an automatic bottle capper could free up for other pursuits, from planning the next marketing campaign to simply enjoying some well-deserved leisure.

When you’re ready to look into purchasing bottle capping equipment, consider Filling Equipment Co., Inc., a trusted company in College Point, NY, that has been making bottle capping machines since 1959. Contact us at to find out how our machines can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

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