Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator in Vancouver

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Pest Control Service

Bed bugs are pesky critters that not only infest your house but also leave itchy and annoying bites on your body. They multiply quickly, so if you believe you have these pests in your home, call for a bed bug exterminator in Vancouver, BC, right away. To help you determine whether you do indeed have bed bugs, check out the following signs that they have taken up residence in your house.

Bed Bug Bites

If you wake up with bed bug bites but didn’t lie down with them, then you have bed bugs. Their bites leave a small red mark with a tiny dot in the middle, and as the infestation in your home grows, the biting will increase.

You Spotted One

Bed bugs are tiny and can be difficult to spot. You may have them in your home long before they end up biting you or your family because they are great at hiding. Once you see one, however, know that many more are present and that you should call an exterminator ASAP.

Strange Smells

Bed bug pheromones have an odor that humans can detect, but only if there are a lot of them present. When you do detect this odor, you’ll know that you are most likely looking at an infestation.


The presence of bed bug eggs means these pests have found your home to be a suitable place to breed. The eggs are small and not always easy to detect. Keep an eye out for tiny oval-shaped objects clustered together. When you spot some, call a bed bug exterminator in Vancouver right away. Waiting could result in an infestation.

Contact Heat N Sleep Thermal Remediation Inc at today for help from an effective and professional bed bug exterminator in Vancouver. Banishing these pests is our only job, and we use a treatment that kills the critters at all stages of their life cycle.

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