Types of Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Rogers, AR

You rely on your fire extinguishers to provide an added layer of fire protection to your business. However, it isn’t enough to just buy a few fire extinguishers and place them in prominent locations. You also need to complete the right fire extinguisher inspections in Rogers, AR. The following are some of the inspections every fire extinguisher requires.

Employee Inspections

You won’t have to call out the professionals more than once a year for fire extinguisher inspection in Rogers, AR. However, it can be beneficial to appoint an employee to visually inspect your fire extinguishers once a month. They should note down any physical damage or visually identifiable changes that occur, allowing you to determine if you need the professionals sooner than your scheduled annual inspection.

Annual Professional Inspection

In addition to monthly employee inspections, you also need to schedule an annual fire extinguisher inspection in Rogers, AR. These inspections should occur every year. They will look for visible signs of damage your employee may have missed, along with checking other factors your employee can’t. If the labels on the fire extinguisher are fading, they may also replace them to ensure everyone is informed about how to correctly use the fire extinguisher.

Five to 10 Year Inspections

Every five to 10 years, you need a more extensive fire extinguisher inspection in Rogers, AR. This inspection will check the pressure within the fire extinguisher to determine if it needs a recharge. Most fire extinguishers can be recharged, but if the damage is too severe, your fire protection specialists may recommend replacement.

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