When Do You Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Dallas?

Having fire extinguishers on hand gives you an advantage if a small fire breaks out. Your employees can quickly put out the fire or keep it from getting out of control before the fire department arrives. However, you need to make sure your fire extinguishers stay in good operating condition. A fire extinguisher inspection in Dallas can help. Knowing when to complete these inspections is critical.

Monthly Inspections

It’s essential for your employees to complete a monthly fire extinguisher inspection in Dallas. It’s best if you designate one employee to perform this task every month, so they can more easily identify changes in its condition from month to month. This inspection only requires a brief visual inspection, noting any changes to ensure you can promptly fix your fire extinguisher.

Yearly Inspections

All fire extinguishers require a professional yearly fire extinguisher inspection in Dallas. The professionals will visually inspect your fire extinguishers to identify physical signs of wear and tear your monthly inspections may have missed. They can also perform more extensive inspections that will give you a better idea of the condition of your fire extinguishers, so you can make an informed decision about whether they need to be replaced. These annual inspections can also provide the documentation that your insurance company or fire marshal may require.

Less Frequent Inspections

In addition to the yearly professional fire extinguisher inspection in Dallas, you should talk to your fire protection service about other required inspections. Many fire extinguishers should have a more extensive inspection to evaluate its performance capabilities. These inspections should be done about once every five to 10 years. Your fire protection company can help you determine the appropriate timeline for your fire extinguishers.

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